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Engages students in constructing meaning about their world through visual and performing arts.

Brings knowledge to life by connecting ideas to interactive, sensory experiences.

Uses the arts as means to connect all areas of the curriculum and to make the learning experience a coherent one that makes more sense to students.

Incorporates student-centered, inquiry-based, and project-based ways of teaching and learning.

Is proven to positively affect academic achievement, school climate, student conduct, and quality of relationships with parents.

Learning in a way that is meaningful and fun.

Classrooms where students explore, examine, experiment, and exhibit.

A learning environment that incorporates the arts to enhance student achievement.

Students engaged in activities that promote critical thinking.

Problem-solving through hands-on projects.

Connections with the cultural resources in our diverse community.


2016-2017 Curriculum Bulletin
Pre-K 8:20 - 1:50
K - 1 8:35 - 3:05
2 - 5 8:35 - 4:05
K - 5 Wed. 8:35 - 3:05